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About the Training

Traditional Japanese martial arts training for defence and self-improvement

Bujinkan is an international martial arts organization based in Japan, headed and developed by Masaaki Hatsumi. The organization is centered on the teaching of Tai-jutsu, or the “art of the body”. Bujinkan YYC is a Calgary based group dedicated to the continued study and cultivation of Tai-jutsu, a traditional non-competitive martial art of defence.

The instructors at Bujinkan YYC received their teaching certifications in Japan and travel to Japan and seminars for further study and continued improvement.

Bujinkan is not a competitive art or a sport. Partners in class help each other learn and study the techniques. In time, speed and counters are added in to ensure the technique holds up under pressure. Most of the practice is slow, deliberate and studious. The focus is always on good bio-mechanical movement and proper alignment over speed and power. Both weapons and unarmed techniques are taught in the classes. As a whole, the art is principle based, meaning the principles learned in a given technique can be applied in a range of situations.